Why Buy From Us?

Buy Back

1st and foremost we understand and take responsibility for the fact that both watch fashions and tastes change. We do this by ALWAYS being willing to take back pieces we have previously sold as that is the way to build trust with the public.

Increase Value

We sometimes pay profits on previously sold collectibles which is both good for the vendor, as it galvanizes their faith in wristwatch collecting and good for us as we get to make another sale!

Minimal Loss

When trading in or selling a previously sold piece by us, if a loss is to occur, it is rarely more than 20% of the previously sold price. The fact that we have never advertised hence trade purely on repeat business is testament to this and we estimate that, on average, you would loose the same amount of money having enjoyed 10,000 worth of purchases with us as you would paying 3.5k at retail.

Tom Bolt