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I, Tom Bolt, have been dealing in watches for over 20 years, and my colleague Marc Salem, for over 10. When I first got into the business, watches were not collectible, but merely items that if pre owned, had no real market price. They were only collected by a minutia of the millions collecting today, most of which came from Italy. For this reason I spent my formative years learning the very green watch business, in Florence. This was a time when vintage Rolex manufactured Panerai’s were difficult to sell for £1100, never mind today’s heady prices of £170,000. Perhaps a real ‘Guru’ would have put enough of them away so as not to have to do a web site at all today!

From the offset I found the vintage side of the business the most alluring. Yes, the profits were better, but modern watches didn’t and still don’t, with a few exceptions, have the same fascination for me. Back then however, the modern watch industry was rather staid and not nearly as sexy as it is today, with incredible offerings such as Richard Mille, Grubel Forcey, Urwerk, and even Lange & Sohnne for the more conservative amongst us! Hence, I find myself doing more and more business with both pre-owned and new modern pieces today than before.

My passion for watches was soon recognised by others, which led me to both write articles for newspapers and magazines, AND have articles written about me, which can be seen in our press section. What’s more, some rather high profile (albeit ill-informed) TV channel even made a programme about me which can also be viewed in this section.

The ultimate feather in my cap was when Richemont approached me not only to design all the new watches of one of their brands (for which I invented two new horological patents), but to reposition and strategise a whole new direction for the brand. Some of my proudest moments are when I see random people wearing watches that I conceived.

The site is split into 3 different sections:


Watches with 75% or more off RRP

For anyone who 

A. Doesn’t mind possibly foregoing the latest version dial on a watch in favour of the older model at a much better price, perhaps hoping that it may become a future classic.

B. Wants a chance to buy at trade prices (stock permitting). Why should dealers get the benefit of ultra cheap watches (sometimes little over scrap gold value), and not the public?

C. For all those tight arses out there who can’t bear to wear anything that isn’t an incredible deal, as THAT’S the topic of conversation at the dinner table, and not the watch itself!


Watches up to £15,000

Aimed at those who have either just started collecting, hence are still in the ‘Honeymoon’ phase of the seemingly wonderful new world they find themselves in (just you wait) – or at others, able to hold their ‘drink’ better, who do not feel, or can resist, the urge to do more. Watch Guru doesn’t like these ‘others’!


Watches from £15,000 up to a potential divorce!

Ideal for window shopping, the 'monetary blessed' or just those in the grips of the horendously progressive disease that is 'watch collecting'!

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