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Our History

I, Tom Bolt, have been dealing in watches for over 30 years.

When introduced to the weird and wonderful world of watches, they weren’t really collectible back then but items that if pre owned, had no real market price.

I spent my formative years learning the very green watch business, in Florence at

a time when vintage Rolex manufactured Panerai’s were difficult to sell for £1100, never mind today’s heady prices of £170,000. Paul Newman’s were £3000 as opposed to £200,000 today.

From the offset I found vintage watches the most alluring. A cynic might say that’s because the profits were bigger but the truth is, modern watches in the late 80’s and early 90s didn’t have the same fascination for me as back then the watch industry was staid and nothing like as sexy as it is today. From the meticulous artistry of Greubel and forsey to the ground breaking horological technology of both Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet the watch industry has advanced like few others. As a result I now deal in more alternative modern pieces to vintage though keep my hand in both.. I say ‘Alternative modern’ as if looking for run of the mill modern Rolex’s or trendy modern Patek collectibles? I’m probably not the dealer you’re looking for though you may find the odd 1 or 2 here and there from part exchanges etc.

My passion for watches was soon recognised by others, which led me to write articles for newspapers and magazines, plus even have articles written about me. These can be seen in our press section. I also co wrote what is considered the bible of the vintage Rolex Daytona, The Ultimate Rolex Daytona book.The new edition pertaining to the more recent automatic variants is due out imminently. My dealing prowess was soon aired on international TV programmes like Time Machines for CNBC, Millionaires Gift Guide for the BBC and a ten part series of 4 Rooms for channel 4. Links to these can also be found in our press section.

Perhaps the ultimate feather in my cap was Richemont approaching me not only to design all the new watches of one of their brands (for which I invented two new horological patents), but to reposition and strategise a whole new direction for their brand. My creations can also be found in the press section and I continue to work with and consult for other famous watch brands.

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