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  • Chrono Magazine Dunhill has launched a exciting range of watches aimed squarely at the motoring enthusiast. Simon de Burton meets Tom Bolt, Dunhill’s watch designer, and finds that cars and bikes are his first loves. View Press Release
  • Chronos A. Dunhill Ltd. of London has been producing car accessory and motor car inspired timepieces since the company was founded in 1893. In fact, the first timepiece Alfred Dunhill ever produced was an automobile dashboard clock in 1903. View Press Release
  • GQ The watch world is a slow place, yet the recent turnaround at Dunhill has been astounding. Timepiece dealer Tom Bolt had no experience of developing a new line, yet produced a range in ten months. View Press Release
  • Country Life Art & Antiques Inheriting a magnificent late 19th-century clock, originally from the Brighton Pavillion, started Henry Dent-Brocklehurst’s horological fascination. View Press Release
  • Fashion Week View Press Release
  • INSYNC Dunhill reinterprets the Edwardian-era driver’s watch in a two-part pink gold and ceramic case of entirely modern sensibility designed by Tom Bolt. View Press Release
  • Dunhill A brand new timepiece collection from Alfred Dunhill, combining innovative design with functionality, will be unveiled at the Salon International de Haute Horlogerie 2004. View Press Release
  • Financial Times There are some unexpected characters in the creative world of watchmaking, writes nicholas foulkes. It’s not the quiet placid place you think it is. View Press Release
  • Jewellery Tourbillons and pink gold cases are nice, but when it comes to pure design imagination, Dunhill is a knight in shining armour. View Press Release
  • LEON View Press Release
  • MG View Press Release
  • Mixte View Press Release
  • OK And then there is Tom Bolt. A man whose horological obsession stems from the James Bond movie Live and Live Die, which he saw at the age of five, View Press Release
  • OM Like everything in life, though knowledge may be power, ignorance can be bliss. View Press Release
  • Orologi View Press Release
  • Paris Gallery Alfred Dunhill showcases its latest mechanical timepiece collection for 2005 in dubai. Arnold Pinto reports. View Press Release
  • Retail Jeweller When Dunhill asked watch enthusiast and writer Tom Bolt to design its latest collection of watches, he turned to the brand’s heritage for inspiration. View Press Release
  • Trendstime View Press Release
  • Press Article A BOLT WHO’S NUTS ABOUT WATCHES - When Dustin Hoffman is in town and needs a dealer, he calls Tom Bolt. View Press Release
  • Record Bond Watch Watch Guru pay world record price for Bond watch! View Press Release
  • Arena You need hands, Invest in an old timer. There was a time when the mark of the man - or at least his pay-packet - was his suit. View Press Release
  • Tatler You just have to have your own, your very own, personal dealer. You’re nobody without one. View Press Release
  • Watch Magazine When asked to choose my five favourite watches. I thought, this is going to take forever. Not so, it took all of 5 minutes. View Press Release
  • Country life and Art & Antiques Inheriting a magnificent late 19th-century clock, originally from the Brighton Pavilion, started Henry Dent-Brocklehurst’s horological fascination. View Press Release
  • Christmas Unwrapped Every man needs a really good watch and these days many a natty dresser has more than one View Press Release
  • Arena With so many knock-off imitations on the market these days, it's often tricky to differentiate between your £3.00 Bangkok fodder and an authentic 1967 Rolex Daytona time-keeping gem. View Press Release
  • Press Article I have never managed to get excited about watches -modern ones, that is. But I can get very excited about vintage timepieces. View Press Release
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