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Questions & Answers

Question. If I decide to start a collection of vintage watches do you recommend buying, for example, four watches or one watch for the same sum?
Answer. A collection should always be an investment. A good investment equals rarity therefore always aim high.

Question. How can I be sure if I buy a Vintage Rolex it will be completely original?
Answer. If you don't have the knowledge, you can't. My suggestion is to find a dealer you trust and has a good reputation. Once this has been accomplished stick to them as he or she could be worth their weight in gold. As you learn more you will gain confidence and hence trust your own ability to successfuly seperate the endless dross from the cream. Remember originality is all!

Question. What is the difference between a watch with box and papers compared to one without?
Answer. Provenience, collectability and up to a 30% increase in price if talking about vintage watches. With modern pieces whilst box and original papers are preferable, proof of provenance such as a service receipt or letter of some sort is also acceptable.

Question. What guarantee do I have if something goes wrong with my watch?
Answer. We give a full six month guarantee on all pieces and can take care of the watches service requirements for as long as needed.

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