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F.P.Journe Centigraphe Souverain Platinum


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F.P.Journe Centigraphe Souverain Platinum


Model Centigraphe Souverain Platinum
Condition Pre-owned but in superb condition
Year 2011
Gender Gents
Retail Price £55,200
Movement Manual
Case Platinum
Bracelet Leather
Size 40
Dial Silver
  • Description

    F.P. Journe Centigraphe Souverain watch in platinum now discontinued. The dial in aluminum alloy, registers in sapphire glass and steel supernova and red titanium hands. The 100th of a second hand revolves around the dial in one second on a scale marked in hundredths of a second. Theoretically it is possible to time an object moving at 36,000 km/h with the tachometer on the watch face, on which 36,000 is facing the 10 on the 100th of a second scale. On the dial at 2 o'clock, the hand revolves once every 20 seconds on a time scale divided into seconds.The external tachometer scale indicates speeds. The third dial, at 6 o'clock, graduated for 10 minutes, has a similar tachometer scale with speeds corresponding to 20-second markers. Thus, for example, a kilometer traveled in three minutes 40 seconds represents a speed of 16.4km/h (to within a decimal). A truly incredible feat of horology.

  • Why buy from us

    1st & foremost, we understand & take responsibility for the fact that both tastes & horological fashions are ever changing.

    We do this by being willing to take back past pieces we've sold either in the form of part exchanges or cash when needed.

    With clients rarely loosing more than 15-20% in this process & even benefitting from large profits on occasion, we believe this is the way to build trust with the public. For example. If going 'off piste' & not sticking to in vogue trendy watches such as Batman's, we believe you would incur the same monetary loss spending £20,000 with us on your various purchases as you would spending £8500 at new RRP.

    The very fact that we've never advertised in over 30 years shows we have a long standing loyal customer base. Please see testimonials for more on this.

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